Chamber 事件 Hosted In 本杰明·霍尔

As part of ongoing community outreach, The Benjamin School hosted networking events for The Hispanic Chamber and The Black Chamber in 本杰明·霍尔 this Fall.  
The Black Chamber enjoyed a before-business-hours breakfast event during which Head of School Dave Faus spoke about Benjamin’s mission and values, the school’s embrace of 多样性 and Inclusion, and financial aid opportunities available to underserved students.
He highlighted the School’s annual $4 million awarded in financial aid and encouraged attendees to refer friends in the community to Benjamin who may be interested in a private school education.
Alumna Nikasha Wells ‘98 spoke about her experience at Benjamin and said it was the most impactful educational experience she has ever had. The rigor of her courses made her Freshman year at college “a breeze,” she said.
Former parent Valerie Schuster told the audience that she is grateful everyday for the education her sons Cameron ‘99 and Tyler ‘08  received at Benjamin and how the experience helped shape them into “wonderful human beings.”
“As part of our strategic plan, we are always looking at ways to be more involved in the community,” said Chief Development Officer Juan Carlos Fanju ‘93, the emcee of both events. 
“As a longtime member of the Palm Beach North Chamber, we felt it was important to also partner with the Black and Hispanic Chambers of Palm Beach County by hosting events on campus as well as sponsoring some chamber events,他说.
The Hispanic Chamber enjoyed an evening reception in 本杰明·霍尔 followed by a tour of the upper school campus. Fanjul said both events were a great way for the school and its neighbors to get to know one another better. 
A premier PK3 - Grade 12 independent, coeducational day school with campuses in North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. 自1960年以来, The Benjamin School has provided a challenging college preparatory education to a diverse student body in a structured, nurturing community environment.
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